Turkish Virtual Revival Event @ LTBA - 210300ZJAN18

Server: Training

Region: The Whole Planet… and sometimes Mars

Airport: LTBA

Time: 0300Z (10:00PM CTE JAN 20th)

NOTAM: Turkish Virtual is back with a new event! Join us at LTBA for an event where you choose where you want to fly. The route must be a real Turkish Airlines non-stop Route, and you will have to use the same aircraft used in the real life flight. We hope to see you there!


Regional Jetliner Gates

Gate Y1:
Gate Y2:
Gate Y3:
Gate Y4:
Gate Y5:
Gate Y6:
Gate Y7:
Gate Y8:
Gate Y9:
Gate Y10:
Gate Y11:
Gate Y12:
Gate Y13:
Gate Y14:
Gate Y15:

Heavy Gates

Gate S1: @DiamondGaming4
Gate S2:
Gate S3:
Gate S4:
Gate S5:
Gate S6:
Gate S7:
Gate S8:
Gate S9:

More gates will be added if necessary

When applying, please include the route you will fly, and the aircraft you will use.

If you have any questions concerning this event, please contact @DiamondGaming4

This Event is Hosted By:
Turkish Virual!

Offical Thread:


Can you maybe link where we can find these routes? #ImLazy


Do LTBA-KIAH. I have a flightplan somewhere I can give you.

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This is a good source

That’s the one I’m probably going to do. I’ll sign myself up tomorrow because I’m too tired to do it now 😂


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