Turkish Virtual presents: Turkish Thursdays @ LTBA - 111530ZAPR19

Turkish Virtual Presents:

Istanbul to Zurich

Server: Expert

Departure Airport: LTBA

Arrival Airport: LSZH

Aircraft: A321 or B737-9

Livery: Turkish Airlines

Flight Duration: 2hrs 31m

A litle about Instabul

Istanbul is a world center of great importance in the past and present. The city embraces Asia on the one hand and Europe on the other. Istanbul is Turkey’s most populous city and its cultural and financial center. Located on both sides of the Bosphorus, the narrow strait between the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea, Istanbul bridges Asia and Europe both physically and culturally. With its historical peninsula, numerous scenic and historical sites, Istanbul is a magnificently unique city that has been the capital to many civilizations from past to present and still continues to be home to residents from all over the world. Istanbul’s population is estimated between 12 and 19 million, making it one of the largest cities in Europe and the world.

image When?


image NOTAM

  • Please be at the Gate 10 minutes before the depature time

  • Use Unicom wisely if no ATC is present

  • Please keep at least 3nm separation at all times during the flight.

  • Please wait a little bit at your arrival gate so we can take those epic group shots.

  • Turkish VA pilots must use their own callsign. Non Turkish VA pilots must use an appropriate callsign

image Route

Flight plan


Flight plans are subject to change depending on weather conditions

image Gates

To reserve a gate please comment below your desired gate, aircraft and pilot callsign below. More gates will be added subject to demand.

Airport Diagram

GATE Aircraft Pilot Availability
G101 A321 @HypedFlyer19, TVA 718 reserved
G102 B737-9 @Siddhansh, TVA 069 reserved
G103 Not Reserved
G104 B737-9 @Senneca, TVA 223 reserved
G106 Not Reserved
G107 Not Reserved
G108 Not Reserved
G109 Not Reserved
G110 Not Reserved
G111 A321 @Ahmed_rozeq, TVA 101 reserved
G112 Not Reserved
G201 Not Reserved

More Gates will be added if needed

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G111, A321, TVA101

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Gate 101
Airbus A321
Turkish 718 plz?

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I added you to the event. Thanks for joining!

Added you too. Thanks for joining!

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Thank you, see you there

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add me on gate 104 please :D

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What aircraft do you want to use and what’s your callsign?

G102 b739 turkish 069

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Sorry Gate 104 , 737-9 and TVA223

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Added you too. Thanks for joining! See you there :)

Nice thread I’ll see if I can come


Would be awesome to see you there!

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Are you IFVARB certified?

Yes we are IFVARB certified.

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Nice! Congratulations!

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1 day until the event hype!

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1 hour Left until the event is starting!

@HypedFlyer19, @Siddhansh and @Senneca time to spawn

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