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Welcome to the Turkish Airlines Virtual thread!

-Widen your World-

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Why join us?

With joining you can participate in our events, get in touch with new people who like Turkish Airlines, find some realistic routes to fly and make group flights! We have active pilots and staff and our end goal is for you to have a great experience within the VA!

To join just click here →

Begin flying in beautiful Turkey with Turkey’s biggest Airline and it’s large fleet.


p254LTFM- Istanbul Airportp254


p254LTFJ - Sabiha Gökçen International Airportp254


p254LTAC - Esenboğa International Airportp254


Rank Flight Time Aircraft
Cadet (R1) 0 A320, B737-700
Second Officer (R2) 6 A321, B737-800
First Officer (R3) 15 B737-900
Training Captain (R4) 40 A330-200F
Junior Captain (R5) 85 A330-300
Captain (R6) 130 B777-300ER
Senior Captain (R7) 200 A319

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If you are interested in becoming a Staff Member of Turkish Virtual please go to our website on the careers page by clicking here or keep an eye on our community there we will also post if we have an open staff position. You can find our community by clicking here.

p254 Our requirements p254

  1. Grade 2 and above

  2. Must have a valid Infinite Flight Pro Subscription

  3. Be able to do at least 1 flight per month

  4. Must have an Infinite Flight Community Account

  5. Must have a valid E-Mail address

p254 Our fleet p254

Tap for details

p254 A319 p254

Generic livery currently unavailable on IF

p254 A320 p254

Generic livery currently unavailable on IF

p254 A321 p254


p254 A332 p254


p254 A333 p254

Generic livery currently unavailable on IF

p254 B737 p254


p254 B738 p254

Generic livery currently unavailable on IF

p254 B739 p254


p254 B77W p254


p254 Communication p254

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We use Slack for our internal communications.


You can always email us at:


p254 Community p254

We have our own community now, built by us for you. Although all communication amd stuff will be held in Slack, our community is a place to hang out, post your awesome photos, ask questions and everything. To join us, click the link below:


I would like to thank all the guys who helped us make the VA pass the VARB approval! Special thanks to @Thomas_G for helping building step by step our thread!

I would also like to say thank you to the whole VARB team for helping us in the application process!


Thank you for your time reading this. Please consider joining us to fly in beautiful turkey. Have a nice day!


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Make sure you check our instagram page and why not follow us and get notified whenever we post a new photo regarding our VA!



What happened?


There was an issue with the letters appearing bigger in the main post. The issue has been fixed now.


Communication Update and New Routes

  • Communication Update

We recently changed our communication platform, from Discord to Slack. However, do not be confused, we are not shutting our community down. This community will be kept open as long as the VA remains open. It’s main purpose was, is and will continue to be a place for pilots and guests to hang around, meet new people, get informed and have fun!

  • New Routes

We recently updated our route system with many additions from new airports and locations. What we want to share with you is, that we have now officially added all routes in and out from LFTM. Do enjoy our new unique airport, and we can’t wait to see your best pictures in the if-pictures category!

Turkish Virtual Administration and Staff Team


Staffing Update

We would like to introduce our new recruiter, Noah! He will be handling all our recruiting starting now!

Please join us in welcoming him to our family!


This looks nice, Im gonna apply hehe

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