Turkish | KLM VA Partnership Event @ EHAM - 111700ZMAR17

Are there no 747s aloud

can you teel me at which day and time is it (i live in switzerland) ;)

I think it’s 18:00 Swiss time

I’m so sorry but no 747’s allowed.

For Switzerland it’s 18:00

737-700 KLM 5 97 can I have a gate please

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for th 6 march?..

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No for 11th march Saturday

Of cource u can have a gate

Thank you what gate will I get

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ok,thank you being so reliable

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@Jurassicpark_1993 I saw that u are new to Community Welcome mate :)

Gate D04 please in an a321

oh,by the way my name in the game is in the game is “Recep Ivedik” i had to change it for sone reasons

Ok saad I will add u mate :)

Please put me in C 11

OK callsign?? Ur callsign needs to start with KLM or KL

My callsign is KLM 405

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Ok I’ll be there as a KLM 787 my call number will be N789MH

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SOrry but your callsign has to start with either KL or KLM