Turkish | KLM VA Partnership Event @ EHAM - 111700ZMAR17

Server: Training Server 1

Region: Amsterdam

Airport: EHAM

Time: 17:00Z (Beware timezone changes)

NOTAM: Hello fellow pilots in this event KLM va will be joining us. We will have KLM in one terminal and Turkish in other terminal. Turkish airlines will be using runway 18C and KLM will be using Runway 18L. We will take off from EHAM and land at EDDL. Cruising up to FL120. Please follow atc if possible. 345 knots over 10,000.

Once landed please find a free parking space and wait for other people for Screenshots Dont forget take as much screenshots as you can we will be putting some of them in instagram page!!

As I’m saying please please don’t pushback and go in front of the CEO’s. If you choose to go with KLM you have to follow KLM 01 Heavy. If you choose to go with Turkish than follow THY-01 Heavy.
Note in this event if you choose Turkish than please use callsign starting with THY for example mine is THY-01.

Who can I copy flight plan from?
You will need to copy flight plan from either KLM 01 Heavy or THY-01 Heavy.

Which aircraft can i come with?
Turkish airlines:
A321 (Would recommended)
A330-200F (Cargo)
737-700 (Would recommended)

737-700 (Would recommended)

(Would recommended) means that will be the perfect plane for the event but you can choose other planes too. However if you choose the recommended ones we will be happy.

What if I want to join the VA?
If you want to join the va than check Turkish:

And check KLM:

Terminal D (Turkish airlines)

D02- @ProMustafaTK THY-01 Heavy
D03- @Thomas_Ralph. THY-02
D04- @SaadFaisal. THY-08
D05- @Mavric. THY-08
D07- @ Dossym_Makhanov
D08- @ NurDieSchweiz. THY-113
D10- @Jurassicpark_1993 THY- 6213
D12- @ turkish534. THY-101
D14- @Abhishek_Vij. THY-716
D16- @ Abhishek_Bhattachary THY-515
D18- @Andrew2002. THY-6124
D21- @ Tonnam_Tanawat THY-308

Terminal C (KLM)

C04- @AVIONICS KLM 01 Heavy
C05- @AB_Pilot. KLM 02
C06- (reserved for staff)
C07- (reserved for staff)
C08- @ ALFLONSO22 KLM 366
C09- @ av8rTJH. KL 874
C10- @ William_Jones KLM 597
C11- @Paulo_Henrique KLM 405
C12- @ Jacob_Van_Zanten. KLM 125
C13- @ Mecly_Momin KLM 203
C15- @ mcwiting KLM 825
C16- @ Kidnapperrx_Kid. KLM 83
C18- @ Sultan_Dhanhani KLM 737

See you soon :)

Happy and Safe flight XD

Turkish Va


When asking for a gate please put what aircraft and callsign you will be under

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Turkish 02 gate please!

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What aircraft you want

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I’ll take the Boeing 777

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Hi, could I have a gate please. I’ll be in the Boeing 737-700 under the callsign G-CIMI. Thanks.

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Which livery ? Turkish or KLM?

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What day is this and what time PST?


Use 11th march Saturday GMT time 17:00 PST time 09:00 am

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U have to tell me which one you are choosing Turkish or KLM @av8rTJH

In the KLM livery @ProMustafaTK

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I want to be atc please at EHAM is that good?

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Alright u are in KLM what callsign do u want

Oh by the way u can’t use ur own callsign u have to use a callsign starting with KLM sorry

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Selam aleykum, can i get gate D21 Please?
my Call sign: Turkish 6213(in the game)

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Ok… Can I change to a KLM 787 under the callsign KL 874?

Aleykum selam, can you please use THY-6213

Yep looks better now I add u in

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sure,so i can get gat D21?

Yes u can get D21 see you there :)