Turkish from auckland


This time an ultra long haul again. From Auckland to Istanbul in the triple seven of Turkish airlines. The cruise speed was mach 0.84 and we’ve used the step climb method to increase the range. It was a really nice flight to do and the flight took around 21 hours long. We arrived at Istanbul with minimum fuel.

Flight information

   • Server: expert server 
   • Aircraft: Boeing 777-300(ER) 
   • Livery: Turkish airlines 
   • Route: NZAA-LTFM
   • Altitude: fl290-fl310-fl330-fl350-fl370-fl390
   • Speed: mach 0.84
   • Flight time: 21 hours and 6 minutes


Long way from home.


Leaving New Zealand.

Soon above Australia.


Eastern India.


More mountains above eastern turkey.



Tomorrow I’ll post a screenshots and videos topic about a flight from Dublin to Athens in the Boeing 757 of Aer Lingus.


Does your phone ever get a break lol

Nice Shots though.

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It does haha I don’t do that many long hauls anymore.

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Cool shots

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Wow ! 21 hours ! Your phone didn’t overheat ?
Nice shots ! I like the one where you’re cruising above the Australian desert !

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Nice shots! All of the pics look great!

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My phone didn’t overheat this time haha.

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Oh thats some good made photos! Sounds like a lot of Commitment to do such flight😄 I felt asleep in a 6 hour long flight🤣

I really took you 21 hrs, nice shots

Awesome photos! Really nice!