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༺“Wιdeɴ Yoυr World”༻
© Turkish Airlines Virtual 2022

Turkish Virtual was founded in July 2021. Our story began at around 3 AM one morning when we suddenly thought of creating the VA. We created the VA in record pace and built together to certify the VA. Today, after staff changes, multiple iterations, and a commitment to high quality and standards, we are proud to finally open the gateway to the world to all Infinite Flight pilots in the new year of 2022.

Our co-founders, @Nativetoalaska, @Ran, @Cpt_Bosnia, and the staff team have collaborated together to outline a specific focus on creating the best experiences for pilots. We achieve this via our enormous routes network, numerous fleet, and emphasis on community. We are one of the few VAs based in a country that exists in two continents [Flag carrier of Turkey]. We fly to over 315 destinations in 126 countries around the world, enabling our pilots to fly farther and higher than ever before.

A Message From Our Chief Executive Officer

“Merhaba! I’m Cpt_Bosnia, the current CEO of Infinite Flight’s Turkish Airlines Virtual. It’s been an extended time since we were certified in August 2021. However, after methodical planning, attention to details, and implementation, we are proud to finally present a much more refined Turkish Virtual than the one before. On behalf of the entire staff team, I welcome you all to not just a virtual airline, but a welcoming community of aviators that love Turkish Airlines. We can’t wait to Widen Your World!"

Chief Executive Officer,
Turkish Virtual

Meet The Team

Executive Team
@Cpt_Bosnia - Chief Executive Officer Vacant - Chief Operating Officer
Vacant - Head of Internal Affairs @Captainflight - Head of External Affairs
Management Team
Vacant - Chief Pilot/Head Trainer Vacant - Events Manager
Vacant - Supervisor @Vacant - Social/Design Manager
@Daeng-E - Recruiter @Vacant - Tech Manager
Vacant- Report Manager Vacant - Routes Manager

Turkish Airlines Virtual Fleet
Airbus A321-200 Boeing B737-900
Airbus A330-300 Airbus A350-900
Boeing B777-300ER Boeing B787-9
Boeing B777-200F Airbus A330-200F

Turkish Airbus Passenger Fleet

a321tk a333tk a350tk_prev_ui
At Turkish Virtual, we operate an extensive fleet of the Airbus aircraft family. Each plane in the family caters to different sets of demand across our regional based route network, with our A321 primarily handling regional, short-haul, and medium-haul flights while our A333 & A359 flights fly farther on our medium and long-haul routes, such as Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Turkish Boeing Passenger Fleet

b739tk 77wtk 789tk

Our Boeing fleet consists of the workhorse B737-900, distinguished B777-300ER, and the popular B787-9. All aircraft offer the best-quality comfort levels available and fly to destinations everywhere, whether it’s Izmir and Ankara or San Francisco and Taipei. The experiences onboard these famed aircraft provide the best representation of Turkish hospitality anywhere one goes.

Turkish Cargo/Freighter Fleet

77ftk 332ftk

We fly masses of passengers to cities covering the entire globe, but we also hold a strong cargo operations division. The Turkish Cargo fleet is a vital part to the operations of the airline as a whole. Spearheaded with our B777-200Fs & A330-200Fs, our freighter aircraft flies important resources and general goods to reach their end destinations on-time.

Turkish Airlines Virtual Routes

From hubs in Istanbul, Ankara, & Izmir, Turkish Airlines Virtual flies to 300+ destinations in 126 countries (we fly to the most number of countries than any other VA). Check out Ankara, the capital of Turkey. Or maybe, fly over to Lisbon and Cape Town for relaxing vacations. What about a cuisine trip in Sao Paulo or Hong Kong, or sightseeing wonders in Vancouver and Tokyo?

The possibilities are endless. Find your next trip by joining Turkish Airlines Virtual today.

Turkish Airlines Virtual Ranks

Our ranking system has been carefully designed to accommodate our pilots in the best manner possible. We use a flexible structure that fosters growth and encourages our pilots to fly tons of flights from the start (reducing restrictions). Our normal and codeshare routes both run under the lineup below:

Normal Ranks:

Ranks Hours Needed Unlocks
Cadet 0 Hours Required Routes from 0-2 Hours
Second Officer 15 Hours Required Routes from 0-4 Hours
First Officer 35 Hours Required Routes from 0-5.5 Hours
Captain 75 Hours Required Routes from 0-7 Hours
Flight Captain 125 Hours Required Routes from 0-9 Hours
Commercial Captain 185 Hours Required Routes from 0-11 Hours

Upper Ranks:

Ranks Hours Needed Unlocks
Macera 250 Hours Required Routes from 0-13 Hours
Saskinlik 335 Hours Required All routes available
Kesfetmek 400 Hours Required Access to Istanbul Lounge + Perks
Ararat 500 Hours Required Access to Istanbul Lounge + Perks

The Turkish Airlines Virtual privilege section focuses on our premier flyer program Miles&Styles.
Our Miles&Styles program consists of 4 status cards, each card holding a specific requirement in order to unlock special perks. Obtaining one of the status cards can easily elevate your TKVA experience, rewarding you for flying. Find out below about the status cards and perks we offer in the program:

Turkish Virtual Classic Card

The Turkish Virtual Classic Card is the first card in the Miles&Styles program. The card is automatically awarded upon reaching 3000 nautical miles after combining mileage from all flights. Members who have the Classic Card gain access to our special Discord Miles&Styles lounge, extended multipliers on flights, priority gate choice in events, and more.

Turkish Virtual Classic Plus Card

The Turkish Virtual Classic Plus Card is the second card in the Miles&Styles program. Upon reaching a combined 8000 nautical miles on all flight, pilots may obtain this card. The card provides cardholders the opportunity to choose event routes, choose routes for our weekly ROTW, priority departure & arrival, and larger multipliers + higher priority over Classic Card members on previous perks.

Turkish Virtual Elite Card

The Turkish Virtual Elite Card is the third card in the Miles&Styles program. A combined 15000 nautical miles is required to obtain this specific card. The card allows cardholders to choose codeshare routes to be added, movie night choice (Yes, you heard that right), a bonus of 10 hours for each referral, and higher priority on previous perks earned.

Turkish Virtual Elite Plus Card

The Turkish Virtual Elite Plus Card is the final card in the Miles&Styles program. A total of 25000 nautical miles marks the reward of this signature card. The Elite Plus card provides the highest priority on all previous perks along with access to our final lounge available to Kesfetmek and Ararat rank members, best known as “The Istanbul Lounge”. Members have several rank restrictions dismissed, early access to sneak peeks, can represent us as ambassadors to our VA, and the highest priority on all previous perks earned!

Do you want to fly to a regional airport in a specific country? Perhaps you would like to fly a route that we don’t serve? Our partners help us connect to hundreds of airports and allow our pilots to fly from their hubs to regional, short + medium-haul domestic, and international flights everywhere. We are very grateful to our partner VAs that are listed below:



Turkish Virtual is part of Star Alliance Virtual, the largest global VA alliance. Founded in 2021 and based in Frankfurt, DE, the alliance aims for member VAs (based on real-world counterparts) to work together and connect pilots + passengers all across the virtual skies. Star Alliance Virtual holds events, fosters codeshare partnerships, and brings a meaningful inclusion to the experience of pilots in member VAs.

Star Alliance Virtual Thread

The Middle Eastern Virtual Alliance is an alliance for VAs based in the Middle East region. Founded in August of 2021, MEVA has grown to 6 member VAs. The alliance focuses on building on representation in the Middle East and fostering growth and collaboration amongst the VAs. You can check out the MEVA thread linked below for more information regarding the alliance:

Middle Eastern Virtual Alliance

The Global Cargo Alliance is the premier alliance focusing on cargo representation and promotion. The VAs part of the GCA hold cargo sections and feature cargo operations to broaden interest of freighter VAs, aircraft, and liveries. You can see the new GCA thread linked below:

Global Cargo Alliance

Application Requirements

Interested in applying? Great! Before you apply, please read the application requirements.

Must be atleast Grade 2.
Not on IFVARB watchlist/blacklist.
Have access to Discord and Airtable.
Valid IFC account and IF Pro Subscription.

Our application form →
Turkish Virtual Application Form

Do you meet all the requirements listed? If so, wonderful, you are now ready to apply! Please click above to access the Turkish Virtual application form. Our recruiter should respond to your application with further guidance in 1-3 business days. In the unlikely event your wait time is longer than scheduled, please send the @TurkishVirtual account a PM to resolve concerns related to your application.

We are not affiliated with Turkish Airlines. If you wish to visit their website, click here.


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