Turkish Airlines VA | Singapore flight @ WMKK - 111600ZFEB17

Server: Training Server 1

Region: Singapore

Airport: WMKK

Time: 16:00Z (beware timezone changes

NOTAM: Hey everyone I’m back with another Turkish event. In this event we will be in Singapore region. Start airport is WMKK and land at WSSS. We will be cruising up to FL190. 245 knots under 10,000 than 345 knots above 10,000. I would be happy if you guys come on time. Pushback will be at 16:05.
No one pushback until Turkish 01 Heavy starts pushback!! There will be a flight plan available to copy from Turkish 01 Heavy

Come with any of these following aircrafts:
A330-200F (Cargo)

T1 Gate A02 = @ProMustafaTK Turkish 01 heavy
T1 Gate A03 = @Mavric
T1 Gate A04 = @Thomas_Ralph
T1 Gate A05 = @John_Ryan
T1 Gate A06 = @Abhishek_Bhattachary
T1 Gate A07 = @Ehsan_Khodaei
T1 Gate A08 = @Samet_Ozturk
T1 Gate A09 = @Greece
T1 Gate A10 = @louiisorr
T1 Gate A11 = @ Harry_Evans

@rohaim_khedr (head of ATC)

More gates will be added if need

Hope to see you in the event

Happy and Safe flight :)

Turkish Virtual


Can I attend and have a gate?

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Can I join please


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Gate me up please, I’ll try too not forget :)

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ok welcome in everyone

I’m sorry, I can’t make it can you take me off the gate assignment?

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Can i have one gate please

In real world I took Turkish Airlines many times. I would be glad if you give me a gate.

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Hope you liked it of cource u can come

Can you sign me up at gate A09

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I come :-):-):-) .? H

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I would like to join

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Could I get a gate please

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Could I have a gate I know it is a bit late

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Best idea is to spawn on the next available gate


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Sorry @everyone I cannot attend my event as I’m busy and I’m not canceling it. Thomas (Turkish 02 will be in charge you will copy flight plan and follow Turkish 02 and Turkish 07

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Can I have a gate please?
(ben de türküm bu arada)

I’m afraid the event is over.

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