Turkish Airlines Training Aircraft - Cessna 172

Turkish Airlines Training Aircraft - Cessna 172

I think that this would be a great addition for the C172 rework! I find that the livery really suits the aircraft.

So many airline liveries on Cessnas! Love them all.

Not to mention, don’t forget to vote for your own request!

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Wooohooo! I would like to vote for it, i have Turkish Airlines B789, A332, A333, B738, A320 in my voting queue. After some of them have been applied, time will work for this one.

I love the airline liviries. Some, i wish existed like this one, 06f670afdefdc2efba1bc7d5897abbf0e70bb1d6_2_690x258


Yup, a Cathay Pacific one would be super cool too!

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