Turkish Airlines | The Hunt For Their Next Destination

Turkish Airlines Releases Video About Next Destination

So Turkish airlines has recently tweeted a video saying “they have a new destination” but it is up to us to find out where it is. They give us a couple of clises in the video (which make it pretty obvious)

  • 2,547 KM distance
  • From Istanbul
  • 4 hour duration
  • Flying over Romania, Poland, Sweden

My guess is that they are flying to Oslo as the clues match up pretty close, but I want to see what you think about this. It is exciting however to see them announce a new destination after they just announced that they have almost 800 daily flights now.


I don’t think that’s supposed to be a new destination though?


I want to think that they’re resuming flights to Oslo after a long pause due to COVID-19, because I made some research and Oslo was already served by the airline before.


They already fly to Oslo (with an A321neo), this is just a fun way to interact with their social media followers, rather than releasing details about a new destination


My guess is that they’ll be flying to Stavanger. It’s around 2540km from Istanbul, and passes over Poland, Sweden, and Romania.

You help me a lot. I’m doing an Va (not in this game but still) I will share this information and Thanks

A flight from Istanbul to Pittsburgh would conceivably fly over all those places 👀

Not that they would ever fly that route lol

Guy literally explained what this is all about but ok

It could be a smaller city like Gothenburg or Bergen if it is indeed a completely new route.

Well, if I go from the exact point google earth gives me for Istanbul and go exactly 2574 km:

Im pretty sure it’s Oslo. The thumbnail shows buildings located in central of Oslo.

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