Turkish Airlines Safety Video with Zach King

If you are the real Zach, I suggest you should have done it with an Aussie airline. But the vid was great

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I like Delta’s internet themed safety videos as much as this one.

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I don’t think this will get answered unfortunately. The question will stick with us forever!!

I think Turkish and Emirates have the best Marketing team out there …

Love it :-)

Well, if you like planes so much why don’t you start hanging out with us:-)

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Do you play infinite flight or just on the community

Do we have proof this guy is legit


Lol nope! Not @ all

Is he really a magician or a editor?

Both, Also I still believe the account is fake

Zach’s account?

Haha the @Zach_King account is fake, It was used simply for this topic. Check the account XD

Ohhhhhh oh @Zach_King?? He was in this forum??? Well I knew this is fake it’s just a person who loves zack king.

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