Turkish Airlines orders 40 787-9's

Turkish Airlines has stated that they intend to purchase 40 (yes, 40!) Boeing 787-9 dream)liners. The order is estimated to be worth $11 billion. They will not be based at Istanbul, as Turkish is moving their operations to a different hub.
Such a beautiful plane! It looks absolutely gorgeous in the Turkish livery. Congrats to Boeing and Turkish Airlines! Hope to see them used to/from JFK.



I would’ve preferred them purchase 777x’s but ya know.


I agree, but I’m just glad it’s Boeing :)


Where will Turkish be moving! Great to see more 787-9s out there!!


Nice to see Turkish getting the 787’s man does the livery look great 👍


HOLY SMOKES! My arms are wobbling in Excitement! Turkish has always been a loyal Boeing customer. No surprise to me that they ordered so much! Cant wait to see this beauty roll OUT!


Turkish Airlines sure is busting a move; a big move. Looks like a massive expansion is on the horizon for them these next 5 years or so. The 787-9 is famously known for its incredible long range and fuel efficiency so I hope THY takes advantage of that.

Although the article didn’t state it, I hope THY will at least replace some of the older aircraft they have (A330s) with the 787-9s. Turkish Airlines serves the most non-stop destinations than any other airline so I don’t expect them to expand any further with these newer aircraft (Unless it’s profitable, I mean, come on, they can’t have a destination to every country in the world). On second thought though, you did mention that these aircraft will be based at their new hub (which is called Istanbul New Airport) so maybe THY will expand to a few new destinations from there as well as add more frequency to existing ones solely from the new airport but who knows. We’ll see what happens in due time.

Anyways, I hope this new purchase does good for them. Hopefully some of these birds will fly to the US someday, especially Boston. :)


I like the crescent moon you stuck in.

Anyway, I wonder where their new hub would be. You would assume it would stay in Turkey for obvious reasons. Except Istanbul is so built up around travel that Turkish moving their hub could be detrimental for Istanbul and Turkish.

I am assuming if they wanted to move their hub, they would move it to Esenboga International, serving Ankara, the capital of Turkey.
Istanbul Ataturk airport moves 60,119,215 per year according to Wikipedia
Esenboga International moves only 12,113,439 people according to Wikipedia.

For Turkish, who doesn’t have any widebodies on order, to position their 789s at another hub, (most likely Esenboga) doesn’t make sense and looks like a big risk. For the entire airline to slowly move operations to Esenboga or any other hub looks like a massive risk.

Neither Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, or any of those southeastern European countries have any major carriers. I am sure that a decent slice of the ‘profit pie’ comes from those countries flying to Western Europe. For Turkish to move their hub away doesn’t quite make sense.

However, I also think that moving the hub further West will help Turkish play with the big boys in the Middle East (Emirates, Qatar, Etihad) and they possibly could increase profits from Europe to Asia, India, Australia, etc.

Whatever they choose to do is a big risk. They currently have 74 widebodies in service. Counting their 777s and A330s. Adding another 40 means that they have lists of places to expand, and hopefully, places to profit from.

I would like to see Turkish in five or ten years. The article didn’t specify when the aircraft would be coming. With 75 737MAX aircraft, 92 A321neos, and now 40 789s on order. They are clearly expanding and where they will be in five or ten years might be different. They might be moving more towards the Emirates model, which to an extent, is sort of doomed as longer-range aircraft can fly more routes direct, eliminating the need for the stopover in Dubai. Turkish might, quite possibly, digging them in a hole.

Let’s see what happens,
Good luck Turkish! Hope you love your new 787s.


The new HUB of Turkish Airlines is also located in Istanbul. Yet, it won’t be Ataturk Airport (LTBA) any more. The construction of the new airport which is referred as the 3rd Airport of Istanbul for now will be their new HUB. It will become the largest airport in Europe. Looking forward to seeing it in IF :)

Here is the render of the new airport of Istanbul with 6 11482ft runways


Great news :)

Can’t wait to see their beautiful livery on the B789.


THY will recieve the 787 and QW will still be developing the 787…

Great Purchase, now THY will be more expandable!

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I thought originally there was a rumor that they were getting 748s, which was then changed to the 787 it seems! Don’t like the normal TK livery on their 330s but the 787 wears it really nicely!

Also, it’s most likely that these 787s would be used to replace their 330s as I think the leases are soon to be up for them.

The actual order is for 20+20 not 40 but in all likelyhood TK will take up the other 20 frames if they don’t get converted to 78Js later on. Official statement here.


At first there were some speculations that Turkish might order some A350s or taking some of Qatar A350’s frames on Airliners.net. But it appears that Turkish choosed 787 over the A350.

I think this is a good move done by Turkish, 787-9 offers less seats compared to some airliners, lower maintenence and lower fuel consumption rate compared to their existing A330s. Not to mention that 787-9 has a longer range capability for airlines to open long routes with thinner demand. So in my opinion, this is the perfect pick for TK’s Business Model especially after decreasing number of travellers.

Besides that, 787-9 might enable them to open long routes. Such as IST-SYD which had been suggested for several times with a stop in DPS. 787-9 will enable them to operate IST-SYD sector nonstop without having a stop at DPS.


Where’s Turkish’s new hub? Never saw that coming! Also never saw these 787-9 coming! I personally think the Turkish livery looks great!


I would say that they meant Istanbul’s 3rd Airport as mentioned by @ckc2000 above ;)


I’m clearly going blind… Thanks again George…


The Turkish airlines livery looks goo on the 789

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Ow my gawd!! I’m sooo excited. Cant wait to see the dreamliner with the turkish airlines livery!!

Just going to put this in here:

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