Turkish Airlines New Year Flight @ KLAX - 251300ZDEC16

Server: Training 1

Region: Southern California

Airport: KLAX

Time: 1600Z

This flight is new year and noel flight. Please join this flight and comeTurkish airlines planes.

Boeing 737-700
Boeing 737-900
Boeing 777-300ER

Flight plan:

T1G10 @Jet_Airways_995
T1G11 @eren_ersahin
T1G12 @Flying-J


Looks good , but let us not forget to place the title in the correct event format :)

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Your right

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What day is it on?

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İts today Kyle.Plane

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Ok, I helped you with the title. You should let people know further in advance so more people can come.

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Thank you and. Please join us I am happy

I can’t unfortunately, I have a Christmas party to attend to.

Ok thank you

Airport KLAX not KSFO 👆🏻

Counter clock-wise route?

Sorry event. Time is 14.30

Please sign me in

Ok Jet-Airways-995
Whats your nick name in game

Same - Jet Airways 995

Thank you for join us

Event is start and ı wait you

Sign me up, please.

Call sign will be Turkish 523

Flying-j thank you for join us

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Flying-j i am wait you for coming