Turkish Airlines LEGO Livery TC-JSU w/ Sharklets

This livery always looks good. I hope it will come

Beautiful livery, you have my vote!

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I’m disappointed in turkish. Why didn’t they make it seem like the tail and logo is made out of legos too? Would have looked 100 times better


I think it’s copyrighted

Surely we can’t create an Airbus A321 out of Lego’s. 🤣

Otherwise that’s nice looking livery.



Yes it could be like TK’s Dortmund livery!

Thanks! :)

That’s a Lego A321 model, not a real functional Lego Airbus to carry 150 passengers.

I’ll stop going off-topic now. Let’s see where will this feature go through. Although there is a chance this might be removed due to copyright issues with the movie. 👍


yes you are right but I just tried my chance :D

Come on guys!

Nice Livery :)
Can you give us a littlebit more Information about this?

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Of course I can :) Turkish Airlines were had lego safety videos after that they were painted an A321 TC-JSU for Lego but a few months ago it turned to normal livery because TK were started to use new safety videos

Both of us played LEGO when we are child and now is the time for the fly with LEGO! May I get your votes for that?

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I want to ask you to what were your dreams about future when you was a child?

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