Turkish Airlines Dreamliner window melts during photoshoot

So if this somehow took place I mid air would the cockpit be depressurized?

You do realize that some airplanes just have the propulsion above the wing, right?

They just need the capacity they are fat and short flights so to speak…

Solution to melting windows: just remove them entirely. Never hurts to have a bit of fresh air at 40,000 ft.


No, the actual barrier between the interior and atmosphere was not broken

That is very odd… It’s never happened in the past before? Camera lights are not prone to causing things like this? Keep us updated. Very interesting!

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Friend told me when he flew with dreamliner the windows have special electronic coating in replace of traditional flip blinds. All he needed to do was press a button so the window turns dark - like an LCD panel (or like that James Bond car). Upon landing all window darkness gets controlled from the cockpit.

Think of this like your phone getting screen burned. I’ve worked with movie lights before, very hot! They could ignite dusts off in the air (we affectionally called them “ghosts”).

So relax guys, more likely its only the protective coating for the electronic blinds (could also be LCD liquid boiling?). Worse thing to happen is for anyone sitting there unable to control how much sunlight they want. NOT getting sucked out of the plane, c’mon.

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