Turkish Airlines DC-10

Well, as you guys can already see the title, explains everything. (I couldn’t think of anything to write.) Turkish Airlines stopped using DC-10’s before they’ve crashed. I also think that this livery should be added because it looks cool (in my opinion).

Here’s the picture of the Turkish Airlines DC-10:


Source: Google Images “Turkish Airlines DC-10”

Too much writing imo (on the plane not the request)


Only 1 pic per request!

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I meant on the livery

Okay! It was there just to have a bit of idea of the livery. I’m going to remove one now

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Oh, don’t know why but it just looks good in my opinion 🤔.

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It’s looking pretty amazing with the red and white .

Looks nice. I like it

It’s ok, but I honestly much prefer the current Turkish Airlines livery.


Please give picture credits and source of image.

Vote for your request as well so that it has a higher chance of getting added


As @dush19 said, Please do not post pictures like this without credit.

Bumping this, I’d really love to see this in the sim!

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Me too. I really like this livery🤤

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Looks very cool ! voted :=0

I love this livery! And the plane.