Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 Special Livery《Globally Yours》

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to see this paint in the game as it has a very nice background. Together with Turkish Airlines, you fight for an equal justice in which you can set and present a point that you have employees from all over the world. No matter if from Asia, Europe, America, Africa.


Together with Boeing, Turkish Airlines has designed a 737-800 with around 17,000 faces by airline employees from 191 locations worldwide. Under the slogan “Globally Yours”, the Turkish airline wants to thank its staff for the economic boom of recent years, it said on Friday in a statement. The gesture of thanks not only includes the current but also former employees. All directors since the establishment of the airline 80 years ago have been immortalized on behalf of their teams on the Boeing.

The photo shoot for the ambitious project took about four months. In March, the plane’s outer skin was finished in a hangar by Turkish Airlines Technic in Istanbul. More than 20 technicians spent a week polishing the hull of the Boeing 737-800 on a 400 square meter area with special foils.


Its not my picture

Guys come on, IF needs funny liveries like that.

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dont see how this is funny?

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Flew on this aircraft around 8 yrs ago. Definitely, this has to be in the sim

I remember this livery, can’t believe I forgot about this masterpiece

We are in a Pandemic so we can’t live “Globally Ours” so after the pandemic, where do you want fly first, and with which aircraft?

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I love this blue livery, when I see it, I want to fly, this is a really amazing livery!


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