Turkish Airlines begins flights to Bogotá and Panama City

Turkish Airlines begins scheduled flights from Istanbul to Bogotá and Panama City. The airline announced last year his intentions to operate this route, today the airline activates the route in this way: Istanbul-Bogotá-Panama City-Istanbul, operated in a Boeing 777-300ER. The next flights will be handled by a Airbus A330-200

Boeing 777-300ER arriving to the gate at El Dorado Airport

The aircraft taxiing to the gate at Bogotá

Landing at runway 13R, Bogotá

Passengers of the flight TK175 at Tocumen Airport, in Panama City

The airplane receiving the water canon salute at Panama

The Boeing 777 preparing for his flight to Panama City

The crew of the flight TK175

Turkish Airlines personnel at Bogotá making the inauguration as well with the El Dorado Airport Manager

Inauguration ceremony at Panama, which will begin shortly

Conmemorative plate at Bogotá

Water canon salute at Bogotá

The 777 at gate in Panama

The Turkish Airlines personnel in Panama with the manager of the Tocumen Airport, after the inauguration ceremony.

Photos from the facebook pages Aviación Panameña, Aviación Comercial en Colombia, Aviación Colombiana, PTY Sky Lovers and the El Dorado Airport page.


The 777 with the Turkish airlines livery looks real good :)


Love how finally a recognized airline operates out of Panama besides AA


Lufthansa also operates flights to Panama, but the flights are managed by Lufthansa Cityline

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