Turkish Airlines B77W "Superman v Batman" livery

Love to see this in future update ;)


Awesome airline and livery !

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Looks great! The airline is too.

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I would prefer the traditional one.


It’s nice to see these types of liveries but I couldn’t see the team adding them in. There nice but according to some engineers I know, they don’t keep that special paint job.


I agree with @Skylines that the developers just cannot make liveries like this because they are so challenging

So, do you mean there are tiny chances to make more livery for the planes that already appear in IF, to be honest, that’s stupid :(
Just say so

I bet @MishaCamp would use this!

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Use ? I’m getting confuse with English :(

Go [here] (http://www.dictionary.com/browse/use)

What I’m saying is that it seems a little pointless to add liveries which commonly change. I mean one day maybe.

Not different enough to the main livery IMO.

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😍😍 definitely !! I loooove this livery !

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Looks awesome!

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I doubt that this will get added. Because of copyright restrictions


Why I don’t understand you 😂
Copy right? Added? 😂