Turkish Airlines B777-300 TC-JJN Superman vs Batman special paint

First of all, I want to wish everyone healthy and family time

Turkish Airlines took this step and started filming in 2016. It is Superman vs Batman in which Turkish Airlines shows a few scenarios. There is also a safety video made exclusively from Lego. I think the safety video is great. I see potential to watch this paint job. I love this fleet and hope that this will appear in the upcoming B777.

I think it’s a peculiarity and I find it very nice. I hope I could convince you and please vote strongly. I only found this picture which is actually a YT cover. Since you can only take 1 picture per request, I decided to increase this. I hope the mods agree.

Thanks a lot

Safety video Lego:

Sounds like a legal hell to get into the game


This looks like a cool livery but there might be copyright issues.

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I like this livery! Would like to see it in game but could be copyrighted.

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I don’t see this coming as it can be a legal nightmare to sort with DC. From what I’ve gathered, it depends on the company and their policies of having their brand in IF. Sea World in SWA managed to come in.

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While this would be a stunning livery to have in the collection this livery is not an option for us at this time.