Turkish Airlines B737-700

It is not in #feature section because it is not a request. I want to say something about this aircraft. Turkish Airlines has a huge aircraft squad and has hundreds of B737s. But if we have a closer look to this model,Turkish Airlines has just “1” B737-700. Also in the game, this B737-700 has an old livery but Turkish Airlines uses new liveries such as B739, A321, B773, A332F are using in the game.

So, this aircraft and its livery are useless for the game. I know there are some old aircrafts with old liveries, such as DC-10 Air France; but it has special meanings for this country and some users but I am sure that no one cares B737-700 with an old livery. We dont have a special history with this aircraft. There are many many suggestions and this airceaft could be changed with some of these requests and we can see other domestic airliners with other aircrafts instead of this old B737-700.

I mean, no country for old B737-700.

Hey. I am struggling to see the aim of this topic. Feel free to PM me but this shall remain closed 🙂

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