Turkish Airlines Announces Vancouver & Bamboo Airways Adds Prague

Two new routes have been announced and are set to launch this year.

1. Turkish Airlines Announces Istanbul to Vancouver


Turkish Airlines has announced its third Canadian destination, Vancouver.

  • Turkish Airlines already serves both Montreal and Toronto.
  • Istanbul to Vancouver will be served three times a week on the Boeing 787-9.
  • Flight begins on June 9, 2020.


  • This will also be Vancouver’s longest destination into Europe.

2. Bamboo Airways Announces Hanoi to Prague


Bamboo Airways will be launching its first ever long-haul route starting with Prague.

  • This will be the only nonstop flight between Vietnam and the Czech Republic.
  • This route was formally announced last month in conjunction with celebrating 70 years of diplomatic relations with Vietnam and the Czech Republic along with Bamboo Airways’ first anniversary.
  • Bamboo Airways will fly on Sunday and Wednesday. From Prague, the plane will fly at 18:05 and land in Hanoi at 9:35 local time after 10 hours and 30 minutes of flight.
  • The flight back from Hanoi leaves at 9:20, and will land in Prague at 4 pm after 11 hours and 40 minutes.
  • The flight is now available for booking, operating twice a week on Bamboo Airways’ brand-new Boeing 787-9s.


Images from their respective airlines.

Congrats to these airlines on launching these new routes, especially Bamboo Airways’ for its upcoming first long-haul route! As Bamboo Airways is expected to receive a total of 30 787-9s, they should be announcing more long-haul routes in the near future. I’m personally excited for both of these.

What are your thoughts on these new routes?


Can’t wait to see Bamboo Airways start their journey to Prague. Great destination!

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Brilliant name.

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Wow Vancouver getting a new airline! 👀

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WOOOOOOOHHHHOOO YVR my baby your gettingf a new route


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