Turkish Airlines Announces Flights to Dallas/Fort Worth and Denver!

Turkish Airlines has announced two new U.S. destinations!

Turkish Airlines has announced intentions to begin flying to Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas (DFW) and Denver, Colorado (DEN) according to their investor relations press release.

As of now, aircraft, frequency, schedules, and the other details remain unknown for Denver. However, Turkish opened reservations for its Dallas/Fort Worth flights on August 4, 2021.

Turkish Airlines will launch its new Istanbul to Dallas/Fort Worth route on September 24, 2021 operating four times a week with the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner:

  • TK191 Depart IST 2:10 PM Arrive DFW 6:55 PM

  • TK192 Depart DFW 8:25 PM Arrive IST 3:50 PM

Denver keeps growing with the addition of Air France a few months ago and now Turkish Airlines. It’s been a while since DFW secured a new long-haul airline.

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Image: TC-LLI - Turkish Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner at Kyiv - Borispol | Photo ID 1351447 | Airplane-Pictures.net
Investor announcement: Turkish Airlines - Investor Relations

What do you guys think of Turkish Airlines’ intentions to fly to Dallas and Denver?


Looking in from an outsider’s perspective, I’m more surprised that Turkish doesn’t already fly to these destinations. These are two hubs, especially so with Dallas, so for them to announce that they’re intending to operate there definitely surprises me, not in the way that you’d think at least.

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Could’ve sworn they already flew there. 😳

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Being in star alliance, I think Denver would make perfect sense. Passengers will have tons of connections once they get there to anywhere in the US and the areas around us.


wait… WHAT?? First Air France and now this? Awesome! I hope they announce specifics soon! I hope they do succeed as they are a star alliance partner with United, and with that, that should provide a lot of opportunities. Great to hear that DEN is recovering still!

y did no one tag me these matters are important geez


@dfwspotters we took a W.

This is amazing! Glad to see more variety in Dallas. Lets hope American doesn’t scare them away like get did to 3 airlines in the past. But this is exciting news!

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Wow I can’t believe this finally happened! There were talks of Turkish flying to Denver a few years ago until they ended do to political tensions. I am very happy to see this new route to DEN!


Heyyyooo! Looking forward to the inaugural Turkish flight to DEN!


Yep, they’re definitely going to be relying on United’s connections for the Denver flight.

Turkey isn’t even one of Denver’s top 25 international markets according to 2018 data:


They saw Denver getting a 3D building in Infinite Flight and decided to do TK fans of IF a favor

just kidding of course :P


Just been announced, flights to Dallas start 24th September operated by TK’s B787-9 Dreamliner 4x a week!


They already Serve Houston.

Turkish Airlines have lots of connections in the USA. This is amazing !!!

When will these flights start

Dallas flights start 24th Sept 2021

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Any word on the Denver route?

Not yet unfortunately


As another IFC member mentioned to me in chats, Turkish seems to be trying to going head-on against Qatar. It’s like, TK is trying to be the one of the central Middle Eastern carriers (Although LTFM is in Europe, Turkey as a whole is considered part of the Middle East).

So far, Qatar & Turkish seem to be on path to recovering quickly & expanding as compared to Emirates & Etihad (suffering from previous losses & bans on target markets). It’ll be interesting to see what goes forward.


  • Qatar doesn’t serve Vancouver, Toronto, Newark, & Denver (these are airports TK currently flies/will fly to). On the other hand, Turkish doesn’t fly to Seattle, Charlotte, & Philadelphia (which QR flies to).
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Another route to add on my “Fly list” for IF!