Turkish Airlines Airbus A319-100

Hello Dear IF Community,

Here I have a beautiful painting on the A 319 which is interesting for all European brushing … I think you should add more Euroasian livree … That means that other Euroasian livree include … 1 of them is! Turkish Airlines! … It was the best European airline for 7 years … and currently the best Euroasian airline …

But also on the A 320 or the B 737-800 the painting would be very nice

There are 7 on duty
The picture is not mine …

Hope to see you soon


Please search before posting, and notify moderators to close it (which I have already done). This one should stay open as it carries more information. Also give credit to the photographer of the picture.

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That thread has been closed and directed to this one. :)

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I Hope so that comes in the next Update please