Turkish Airlines A350

I think that is a good complement to the upcoming A350 …

Turkish Airlines has 25 firm orders … the first will be in use in 2020. In the new Istanbul airport it will fit very nicely … of it are still 5 options so 30 total …

I hope we all agree together …

Thank you


I have no found … Can you help me?

No its fine, I am just so surprised this livery has not been featured before! Unfortunately out of votes but this livery is awesome man! Love Turkey! 👍 🇹🇷


Yes, it’s wonderful … I do not understand it either

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Voted. I’d love to see this livery


I would be extremely happy if I could see this livery … also the first A 350 will be delivered in March 2020 and will fly to routes like Istanbul-Sydney … It’s a new way to enjoy ultra-long-distance flights. please vote for it
Thanks 🤗🤗

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You got my vote. We haven’t got enough domestic airliners and liveries in IF. Also we have a b737-700 which is currently just one in the fleet with “old” livery (it has new standard livery in real life). I hope A350 will change the destiny of our airliners and liveries careers in IF.

And this is a good marketing attack on behalf of Turkish Airlines. I hope people will see more A350s and dreamliners in skies and in IF.

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Noooo I have no votes left I would really love to see this though because I use Turkish airlines so much in real life.


We also need the Airbus A330 for Turkish airlines


Moved one of my votes here. After the A330 update where TK wasn’t featured, not risking bumping the A350 also. </3


Thank you for voting this 🤗

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But we hope that the A330 comes too

Man, I’m really hoping we get this livery with the A350 update. We’ve got time to get more votes!

@CK777 if you can spare a vote, it’d go a long way man.

@Turkish_Captain @Samet_Ozturk @PilotAydin @Harun_Koyuncu you guys might like this too. Maybe even @Daniel14 🤷🏼‍♂️


I voted but then i have withdrawn because it is in the ordering process. Earliest time to have A350 is in the mid of 2020. And livery might not be like that.

No worries, I understand! Most of the requested liveries won’t be delivered this year either.

Are there rumors that they might change the livery again? I sure hope not. Looks great!


I think it’s a must in IF … 30 orders it’s safe … Even though it will not fly until 2020, I hope it will be in the game … I think we should strengthen the Turkish community and this beautiful one Add painting … You can fly to great destination with it … this includes ISTANBUL- Sydney direct flights … people again full throttle and please vote … It will be worth it thank you😘🤭