Turkish Airlines A330-300

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I have noticed that there is no request for this A 330 300 Turkish Airlines and therefore I have decided to start this request and hopefully with luck it will be added one day. I would like to first tell about the story and then I would like to finish say something…

Turkish Airlines expanded its fleet in 2000 with seven additional Boeing 737-800s and one Airbus A340. The first flights to Sydney were taken on the occasion of the 2000 Summer Olympics. The frequent flyer program “Miles & Smiles” was also introduced in 2000.

In 2005, four new Airbus models were added to the fleet: A320, A321 and the first A330. Boeing ordered 15 more 737-800s. In the same year the appearance and the service concept were renewed: the aircraft received a new color scheme with a tulip on the vertical tail. As of 2006, Turkish Airlines entered into an agreement with Kenya Airways and negotiated entry into the Star Alliance. In the same year, Pratt & Whitney and ‘Turkish Airlines Technic’ signed an agreement to build a large maintenance center at Sabiha Gokcen Airport, which became the eighth P & W maintenance center worldwide.

Since 2006 Turkish Airlines has been certified according to the quality standards OHSAS 18001: 1999, ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 14001: 2004.

In 2008, Turkish Airlines founded the low-cost airline Anadolujet in the face of growing competition for cheap flights on domestic routes. In December 2008, 49% of the shares of the Bosnian-Herzegovinian airline B & H Airlines were taken over. [14] The airline also announced takeover interest in the beleaguered Serbian airline JAT Airways (now Air Serbia) and Poland’s national airline LOT; these plans were later rejected. [15] [16] On December 24 and 25, 2008, two long-haul Boeing 777-300ER aircraft entered the fleet. With these machines also a first class was offered, u. a. to Singapore, Hong Kong, London, New York and Tokyo. [17] Since April 1, 2008 Turkish Airlines is a member of the aviation alliance Star Alliance founded in 1997.

In 2010, Turkish Airlines increased its sports sponsorship as part of its marketing strategy. It became Official Carrier or main sponsor for some football and basketball clubs such as FC Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, Shakhtar Donetsk, Borussia Dortmund, Galatasaray Istanbul and Trabzonspor. In 2011 she became the title sponsor of the ULEB Euroleague, which is officially called “Turkish Airlines Euroleague”.

The new Istanbul airport will open on 29 October 2018. [34] All airlines flying to Atatürk Airport will be leaving the new airport in the future. The biggest customer at the new Istanbul airport will be Turkish Airlines. Chairman of the Board, İlker Aycı, has announced that his company plans to clean up the move in order to present some innovations at the time the new airport opens. So the employees will get new uniforms. Turkish Airlines has worked with the Italian fashion designer Ettore Bilotta. Furthermore, the company is restructured. Turkish Cargo and Anadolujet become independent subsidiaries. They are currently flying with the AOC from Turkish Airlines. The Turkish airline also intends to operate its own terminals and hangars at the new Istanbul airport, as well as at other locations. The new lounge will be three times the size of Atatürk Airport. On October 23, 2018, Turkish Airlines decided that the catering in the aircraft, as well as in the lounges, will be handed over to the DO & CO for the next 15 years. [35]

The big move from the Atatürk airport to the newly built airport was from 29./30. October on the 30./31. December postponed. The DHMI published a corresponding letter in early October 2018 . The reason for this was the airport operator, who wants to carry out further tests. After the opening, however, Turkish Airlines is already deploying a Boeing 737-800 at the new airport, offering six daily flights. The destinations are Adana, Ankara, Antalya and Izmir inland and Lefkoşa and Bakü abroad.

so das war ein teil der Geschichte und hoffe das wir etwas mehr dazu gelernt haben…

Ich weiß das die türkische Community in IF nicht riesig ist aber ich denke das es viele leute gibt die dieses Spiel lieben… Ich bin seit 2014 dabei und freue mich wie sie immer weiter entwickeln und wie dieses Spiel immer besser wird… Momentan ist mein Abo abgelaufen aber ich werde mir bald ein neues hohlen und werde weiter fliegen… Wenn es mal so weit sein sollte und A 330 ein update bevor steht dann wird mein Wunsch in erfüllung gehen… Ich denke dadurch werden viele leute mehr Spaß am fliegen finden…

Man sieht sich im Himmel

so that was a part of the story and hope that we have learned something more …

I know that the Turkish community in IF is not huge but I think that there are a lot of people who love this game … I have been here since 2014 and I am looking forward to them developing and how this game is getting better and better … Right now my subscription expired but I will soon get a new hollow and will continue to fly … If it should be so far and A 330 is an update before then my wish will be fulfilled … I think this will make many people more fun on the fly Find…

See you in heaven

Thank you


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I noticed that there is a topic for it you can close it 🤗🤗

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Wow, this topic is very informative… Unfortunately it is a duplicate but great feature request!

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So as we would get new color on the A 330 I would be happy to vote it all again … it is just beautiful and TA is the largest operator of the A 330 fleet


Really hope this is in the 19.1 update.


I think so too … it’s a very nice liverie and the perfecte additions


I will vote for this in the future but i just have a few prioritios such as domestic liveries (pegasus a320, anadolujet b738 etc) and motor engine sounds, parking feature etc.

After they have been applied and if i can have a space for voting. I will vote for this beautycraft. As you have said THY is one of largest A330-300 users.


I just realized how much this plane is used in real life yet it isn’t in the game


Just flew on this plane to Istanbul, and I was shocked how much Turkish relies on this plane. During my 20 minute taxi at the new IST airport, I saw so many TK A330’s that I couldn’t even believe they had that many planes! I think this would be such a great addition to IF!


Hold short on update 19.4, i hope there will be THY A333.

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No Turkish a330 in the next update we need 500 votes for that it’s not srilankan a330

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Largest operator of the A330 :)


Largest operator is not in IF


Unfortunately not