Turkish Airlines A330-300

I’m remaking this request, as the last one was from 2016 and didn’t quite fit the guidelines for posting.

Turkish Airlines is the largest operator of the A330, with over 37 A333’s, 16 A332’s, and 10 A332F’s. In fact if you go to the Wikipedia page for the A330, Turkish Airlines is the first livery you’ll see on this gorgeous aircraft.

Turkish Airlines has one of the youngest and largest fleets in the world right now, and is rapidly expanding. Furthermore, Turkish Airlines is the largest carrier in the world right now by number of destinations served. I believe this aircraft livery deserves a place in the A330 rework for these reasons, and would be well appreciated by many.

Photo credits: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Airbus_A330#/media/File:Turkish_Airlines,Airbus_A330-300_TC-JNL_NRT(23708073592).jpg

If you’d like to see this beautiful livery in the rework, please help raise awareness by voting and leaving a comment below :)

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Here is another beatyful paint

I wish I had a vote for this!! Such a beautiful aircraft, and would fly this all over the place from LTBA. Hope it comes in a future A330 rework if it happens!

Could always pull a vote ;)

Shameless bump, because I’m obsessed with this livery on the A330 for some reason:




It’s a must when the update comes … I’m just waiting for that … I hope you can choose different engines because there is this variant in 2 different types

This is the GE reale beautyfull

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Come on everyone, let’s vote for some more A330 liveries to get the rework.


Hello dear If community I wanted to become aware again of this painting
Turkish Airlines is one of the biggest if not the biggest A330 operator …
It must necessarily be in the revision …
It would certainly please me and many others
Your Mustafa