Turkish Airlines A330-203 TC-JND

Hello dear community.

I noticed that the old Turkish Airlines A330-200 request was closed. As an active community member, I would like to draw your attention again and start a new request. We hope for the A330 revision soon and therefore I would be extremely happy about this painting and say that Turkish Airlines must be a must on this aircraft. Turkish Airlines is also the largest Airbus A330 operator. Turkish operates both short and long-haul routes. Example Caracas, Hanoi, Havana and so on. I know that there are not many Turkish Airlines flying but I have great hope as the Turkish Airlines VA is slowly becoming more active again. I’m happy about that and that’s why I see a light at the end of this path. Maybe IF has a surprise in store and will surprise us with it.

Name: Antalya
Engine: General Electric CF6
Number of Aircraft: 18 + 10 Cargo Variant

Thank you for your attention and please vote strongly 🤗❤


Its not my picture 🙃

You already Made a feature request for this?


Sorry I made a typing mistake. This is the 330-203 variant 🙃🤗


Ahh, ok in that place 👍

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I really love this livery. Looking forward to this livery in the A330 rework.

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And imagine that? with the new gear tilt system.