Turkish Airlines A321neo livery

I’m wondering if IF is thinking about releasing the A321neo in the future. The Turkish Airlines livery looks pretty nice and I’m sure I’ll be a very cool addition to IF once they release the original aircraft. I’ll be crossing my fingers!

(Source: Wikipedia)
This lengthened fuselage variant has structural strengthening in the landing gear and wing, increased wing loading and other minor modifications due to higher MTOW.

Its first customer was ILFC.[73]The Airbus A321neo prototype, D-AVXB, first flew on 9 February 2016.[74]It suffered a tailstrike three days later and was flown to Toulouse for repairs, delaying the certification programme for several weeks.[75]

It received its type certification with Pratt & Whitney engines on 15 December 2016,[76]and simultaneous EASA and FAA certification for the CFM Leap powered variant on 1 March 2017.[77]The first A321neo, leased by GECAS, was delivered in Hamburg to Virgin America, configured with 184 seats and LEAP engines, and entered service in May 2017. Five A321neos, all leased from the same lessor, are expected to be delivered to Virgin America in 2017 and five in 2018 if its buyer Alaska Airlines keeps two fleet types.[78][ needs update ]

The neo empty weight is 1.8t more than the ceo due to new engines and associated airframe modifications: engine pylons, wing structure and bleed and oil systems were adapted. At the same maximum weight, it reaches FL310 30-nm before and 4 min earlier than the CEO.[25]

At FL330 (10 000 m), ISA −2 °C (28 °F) and 67 t (148,000 lb), it burns 2,200 kilograms per hour (4,850 lb/h) at Mach 0.76 / 501 knots (928 km/h) long-range cruise or 2,440 kg/h (5,400 lb/h) at Mach 0.80 / 527 knots (976 km/h) high-speed cruise. To offer similar takeoff performance, pitch response to stick input is a rate-command to hit the 3°/sec rotation rate to capture the right pitch attitude and there is an “electronic tail bumper” preventing a tail-strike if the stick is less than three-quarters of the way aft; additional thrust, slower rotation and lift-off speeds require more rudder authority and its maximum deflection went from 25° to 30°.[24]

By January 2018, the A321neo had received 1,920 orders, exceeding orders for the A321ceo. By this time the A321neo accounted for 32% of all A320neo family orders, whereas the original A321 represented just 22% of A320ceo family orders. A stretch would probably involve fore and aft plugs to keep its centre-of-gravity, but tail-strike clearance could constrain field speed and performance and a larger aircraft could need more powerful engines, while further cabin crewwould be needed over 250 seats.[79]

Stretching it by one or two rows would be needed to compete with the Boeing NMA, a concept airliner: its take-off weight could increase to 100 t (220,000 lb) by tweaking its wing and strengthening its landing gear, requiring more engine thrust; or it could receive a lighter and larger new wing, more costly to develop but with the same thrust.[80]


I’m working on it, just noticed it 🤣

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You have my vote! If A321neo comes in the future Turkish Airlines livery must be came with it!