✩ Turkish Airlines 777-300ER | Istanbul - Los Angeles ✩

Hey! This is my first time sharing photos with y’all! Feedback would be appreciated. Thank you for reading!

On this flight, I flew the 777-300ER by Turkish Airlines from Istanbul to Los Angeles on Expert Server. This flight took me around 13 hours. The scenery was amazing and I definitely recommend flying this route!

1 | Taking off from Istanbul!

2 | Flying over Turkey.

3 | Flying out of Europe towards the Atlantic Ocean.

4 | Sunset over the Atlantic.

5 | Northern US.

6 | Landing at LAX!


Nice shots!

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Thank you!

Cool! I’m so excited when the 77W gets reworked!!

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Great photos

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Same here!

Loving those shots

I can’t wait for the 77W rework to come out

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