Turkish Airlines 47 - LTFM to KJFK

Turkish Airlines 47 | LTFM to KJFK
(Istanbul Airport → John F. Kennedy Airport)
Long haul, 9hr 05mn

Flight Data

I | At Gate D13, Reviewing the flight plan and fuel requirements

II | Holding short of Runway 35R

III | Undergoing take-off

IV | Positive rate established, climbing to cruise altitude

V | Still climbing with nice scenery

VI | Cruise altitude met, en-route to New York

VII | Poetic Sunset at FL360

VIII | B777-300ER at dusk

IX | Manual nighttime navigation for the approach

X | KJFK - On final, Runway 31R

XI | Shoutout to gSpokii on the Delta B787-8

XII | Main gear touch-down

XIII | Reverse thrusters going off upon nose gear touch-down

XIV | Welcome to New York!

XV | Entering Terminal 5, Hardstand 34 for parking

XVI | Engines off; awaiting stair trucks


You caught some cool shots! Interesting to read the description linked with your pics.

And don’t forget about the rules when sharing your pictures with the community!

Thanks, will do!

It was my first post on this thread. I just noticed that there’s a maximum amount of photos allowed per topic so I’ll keep that in mind for future posts as well as reviewing for rules prior to posting on any other threads I’m new to.

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10 pics per post
Nice pics btw