Turkish Airline Considering 40 A350’s

It seems like an odd choice, but I guess they both have their upsides and therefore suitable routes.


Turkish is everywhere these days, first the 748 speculation, then the 787, now the A350, oof.
I really hope they get A350s though, they’re my faves and I would love a Turkish Livery on one of them!

I would have thought that they would consider the A35K as a replacement to their 77Ws, didn’t expect the A359! I would expect that these would be used where the 789 is full and there is still extra demand unfilled as both aircraft are extremely similar and the A359 only gains the advantage if you can fill it on every single flight, if I remember correctly.

However, with the new ULR model, it could be used on 77W routes where TK struggles to fill the whole plane while still having the range and required although the lower MZFW does handicap it if you still want regular A359 levels of capacity.

If TK can make both work to their strengths, their expansion could be something to look out for in the future.

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Nice to hear they’re ordering so many great planes, can’t wait to see their livery on the A350 and on the 789 xD

With all these new aircraft, I truly couldn’t care which one airlines actually get. All I care about is that they get them and I don’t have to fly on awful old aircraft (the old Emirates A332 interior rings a bell).


I’ve got bad, bad memories with that aircraft. shudders


The plane’s retired a year ago.

40 A350s and 40 787s…

This should be interesting. Can’t wait to see them flying the 787 & A350

They’ll order those soon especially for their ultra busy routes(LHR & JFK)trust me.

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