Turkish Airline Considering 40 A350’s

So this is quite the expected news…

I browsed the forum for this, and found nothing.

This is really unexpected! I suggest you read the article that Ben wrote on OneMileAtATime, here’s a link.

My opinion on this, it seems dodgy too me, and Ben. It could be a tactic in which they are seeing who’s going to give the better deal, and while they at it, they might even benefit on the politics side too.

Smart Turkish… If it is a strategy for the best deal, I think it’s a dodgy one, but has the potential to work. Or they’re simply have the demand to practically doubling the long haul fleet. I’d imaging some being options, so 20 options for both, then basically you’d only be getting about 40 planes in total.

No argues about which is better, Boeing or Airbus.

If you feel like your going to argue, argue with Siri. Thanks 😊


From what I heard, they’re considering the A350 for routes to Sydney?

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From what I’ve heard they were Considering the 789 for that.


So they want to purchase 40 A350s along with the 40 787s on order?


Maybe they could take 20 787’s and 20 A350’s


Yet another airline that is realising the great potential of operating both the 787 and A350! The list is getting quite long now…

Both are amazing planes, but different enough with unique strengths to operate side by side.


It would be hard to do that, provided they just ordered 40 787s, hard to change their mind now.

Doubt this will happen… They just bought those 787s, I highly doubt they’ll go for both.

Maybe they’ll go bankrupt cause they don’t realise they aren’t in exactly the best place to run that many aircraft

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This makes me de javu when Garuda signed LoIs (Letter of Intent) for 30 787-9 and 30 A350-900 for their Long Haul Expansion back to early 2010s decade. However, neither of these orders are going to be taken by Garuda as they haven’t finalized the orders for both 787-9 and A350-900. Interestingly, they signed LoIs for both aircrafts and decided that they will only pick one of the variants once they have reviewed their orders. The same case with Turkish here.

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Well I think they’re in the prime location to fly these aircraft. The middle east is one of the best places to fly these aircraft as there are quite a few “long and skinny” routes which the dreamliner can be used on, but to me, this doesn’t seem realistic.

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Yeh but are they funded by the government so that they can’t go brankrupt even if they only have 10 passengers?

I think 787 is a good choice for them, as 789 offers lighter configuration for TK. Recently, passengers demand has been slowing for TK and ME3, hence why I think the 787 orders do make sense in short term for the airline


Yeah, so do I. Especially after Qatar bought them and is doing relatively decent with them thus far.

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I thought it was a letter of intent to buy?

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Yes, they only signed LoI as mentioned on an article below


If they only sign LoIs, anything can change. Similar to Garuda’s case

They might take the 789, they might take the A350, or they might won’t take either of them like Garuda

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Wow, I legit said they were a really great customer but why would airlines want a fleet of a350s, and 787s? I don’t understand.

Wow, this was interesting. There is a lot to consider I think. From what I understand I’ll try to find some sources, the fuel efficiency of the A350 is better, but the comfort of the B787 is much better, and the delivery time is much lower as well. I guess it depends what their immediate needs are.

Edit: This website has some tables that compare the two very well:

Well QR and LATAM have both and they’re doing just fine.

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Vietnam Airlines as well :)