Turkish A350 inaugural flight tomorrow (Planned but apparently not going ahead due to delay in delivery)

No news on this yet and I’m not even sure if they’ve taken delivery of their first aircraft. Hope it isn’t cancelled.
They are still running the service with the 77W so assume this will just be replaced with the A350.


Wow. Can’t believe they’re still planning on doing this. I’ve only seen Turkish Cargo.

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But I love the Turkish A350!

Is this recent information? With the current situation, I don’t see this happening for some time. Other inaugural routes have been cancelled as well, such as Virgin Australia from Brisbane to Tokyo.

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Apparently they didn’t according to aibfamily.flights and that’s a really well informed source in my opinion. Here is the flight log from the first one to be delivered:

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I don’t think they have. Usually Airbus would release some announcement.

Turkish Airlines is huge on media as well, so something this big would be all over their website and social media.

Also, these routes won’t operate at all. The Turkish government is forcing airlines to suspend all international routes until May 1.

CEO of Aviation News 🙌🏻

Is that cancelled or suspended?

It’s probably postponed, but you never know the state airlines will be in after this situation passes.

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