Turkish A330 Reverser opens, A/C NOT on Ground

Here you can see why a landing always should be accomplished with a “positive touchdown “ and should not be “ butter, grease, smooth “ or how else you name it… your air/ ground relays then don’t know “ are we in the air … or already on ground? or again in the air ?! “

But jokes by side … thats a serious incident and i am quite excited about how Airbus will explain this . Under no circumstances the reverser should be able to unlock while in air. The weird thing here is that the spoilers did not deploy after the first touchdown, they correctly got the “ air” signal from the air ground relays, while the reverser interlock got the “ ground “ singnal, and as this is not enough, the translating cowls moved and opened the reverser and the pilot in command was even able to select reverse thrust, you can clearly hear the engines spool up from idle. There is the second failure ! As they were in the air after the first touchdown they should have gotten the message soon as you “ eng x reverse unlocked “ and the automatic idle function should become active and reduce engine thrust to “ idle “ only- but what u can hear is definatly not idle - and this with all weels in the air!


isn’t the same situation that happened with Ryanair B738?

when was that ?

Was this landing if so the pilots probably just pulled back the thrust and engaged the reverses a bit to early.

Filmed 2 years ago at Stansted.

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This happened with an AA MD-80 a few years ago:

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You don’t just pull the thrust back further like you do in infinite flight. You kinda pull up on a separate leaver is the best I can describe it, look at the video linked below, but the problem is more that you shouldn’t be able to do that in the air, the aircraft locks out the reverser from physically opening without the ground system being tripped, the same one that automatically opens spoilers…

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