Turkey sinks Airbus jet to boost dive tourism


How weird. And slightly awful . . . sinking planes. Just why?


Seriously? They put a jet in the sea just for that?👏👏👏🤔🤔😒😒 they could just advertise the country for that…no?


What did that A300 do to you… :(

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I think it’s a horrible idea too, It’s sad to see the A300 floating on the Aegean sea :(


A great plane that should be in a museum, or converted into a home, not sunk like scrap metal.

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They could promote the country for that, as a touristic area. How a plane can attract fishes???

The plane would just be standing somewhere. They actually do the same with old ships and boats as well, as it will gather the fish, and therefore boost dive tourism.


MTA of New York does the same with old subway cars.

Yeah exactly, they do it all around the world

Ugh. I’m fine with chucking subway cars for reefs but as a superficial reason to bring tourists? Absolutely stupid. Make a fake atlantis, that might be more intresting. What a waste


It was created, and that’s bad enough

A lot like this. Icon A5

You can all say “it’s a waste” all you want but in my opinion it’s better than it sitting in a desert never to be seen again, quite frankly there wouldn’t be a demand for this plane in a museum or as a house and even all of the salvageable spare parts have been taken. I don’t see what’s wrong with it; it will probably make more money as a tourist attraction than as scrap metal.
As @Emil_Broe said they do it with boats all the time, why should planes be any different?


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