Turkey should be UTC+3 Rather Than UTC+2

This was taken just now. Any idea as to why?

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Ummmm, didn’t the clocks go back a couple weeks ago? Your device probably hasn’t had its time set back


Perhaps because Turkey is currently zulu+3 where it has always usually been zulu+2. I believe they stopped adjusting for daylight savings in recent years but I’m not sure when/if that will switch back to zulu+2 anytime soon.

My device set itself when the time changed. It’s 5:09 in Toronto for example and it’s 5:09 in the sim which is ok :/ Don’t know why it’s different for Istanbul

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Developers skrewed in the time zones then I guess…

Turkey doesn’t backup the clocks. I think that is the problem

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To add to what @Samet_Ozturk said;

More details here

Hopefully the devs would rectify this error.

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