Turkey Government's New 747-8VIP painted its New colours

A 747-8VIP aircraft was gifted by Qatar Government to Turkey. Now it got out from hangar with its new colours


Interesting…personally, I don’t find it very attractive, but still cool!

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Personally I found it to look better in its old livery when Qatar owned it but, meh it’s cool I guess 🙄

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Are you sure it wasn’t bought? I thought it was on sale because the government of Qatar needs to get funds from their assets.

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They say it’s a gift but that can be viewed in different aspects/ways.

Makes me wonder what “Gift” actually means to them… 🤨

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OMG Nice plane.

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In my opinion, I like the qatari livery than Turkey livery

Ya know, not my favorite paint scheme. I do like the stripes on the aft fuselage, though.

Eh…it’s all right…prefer the old one though


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