Turkey: Ataturk Airport attack Condolences

I express my deepest condolences to our turkish fellows.

May the people touched by this occurrence find peace in their souls.

Terrorism has no religion, nation or whatsoever.



This does not belong in RWA, the proper place would be the lounge.


I think in this situation it’s probably ok.


One question, why are we not taking out the B-52s and carpet bombing the hell out of ISIS?

Where specifically do you want to bomb? ISIS isn’t a country.

Is this deifnelty ISIS or is it Kurdish separatists? The Kurds have a long running separatist campaign in Turkey.

ISIS controlled territory. I’m talking areas such as Ramadi. I am going to stop after this, it’s off topic. I believe we should also stop arming the poorly trained Syrian Rebels, but the Syrian government.

Carpet bomb all of Ramadi? I am sure the innocent civilians in the town in Ramadi will thank you. Also Ramadi was re-taken by the Iraqi army at the end of last year.

The whole region is a mess at the moment. None of that would be helped by the US/allies going in and carpet bombing towns and cities. It will only serve to antagonise the local population and turn many of them straight in to the arms of ISIS.

In this case for Turkey it isn’t necessarily just ISIS, have a read of this http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-33690060. If you boil everything down to “us vs them” you won’t ever make any progress.

We hve with Kurds not conflicts, we are brothers and sisters. The US and some of European politics didnt want on background good conflicts beetwen turkish&kurds. Then the US-European some of leaders on politics want since many of years the Iraqi, Syria every middle East countries to control and win petrol-oil etc…

Politics broked the Manufactor beetwen People.
(Hate Politics ever)


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