Turbulent Tuesday - Whacky Races 1 July 14

Turbulent Tuesday - Whacky Races 1

Welcome pilots to another Free Flight Server event where just about anything goes for 8 solid hours. Join and fly any time throughout.

This weeks TT Free Flight Server event in the Kuala Lumpur / Singapore region is a head to head drag race (sort of) between 747s and A380s. Join a friend at Kuala Lumpur and take off on different runways or since anything goes, side by side on one runway if you both dare. Just be careful to only do two at a time. Only take off side by side if it’s with somebody you know who is just fine with it.
Fly under 5000 feet as fast as you can to Singapore. First to full stop off the runway wins.
Do a round trip lap back to Kuala Lumpur. First one stopped clear off the runway wins. Crashing doesn’t count.
If you and a friend prefer, feel free to race to or from other major airports in the region. Who’s faster? Which plane performs better? You decide. Just go fast and have fun with the ensuing chaos.

Be sure to share your screenshots.

Event details:

•Free Flight Server ONLY

• Tuesday July 14th 2015

• Event Start Time - 1:00 PM PDT Pacific Daylight Time (ie: Los Angeles)

• Event End Time - 9:00 PM PDT

• Region: Kuala Lumpur / Singapore

• Aircraft type: Any 747 or A380

• Starting location: Kuala Lumpur KLIA

• Recommendations: If you can’t communicate with a friend to coordinate a single runway departure but welcome a challenger to join you in a race, line up on the runway as far to the right of the center line as you can. This will tell challengers you are ready to welcome someone to race you.
Challengers in this scenario should line up on the same runway as far to the left of the center line. Racers on the right start the race. Don’t worry about wings touching. It won’t be a problem.

*A valid Live subscription is needed.


This is one heckuva experiment. Let’s see how it goes.


It’s going to either be great or a disaster!
Worth a try though ;)

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Tip : Use the 747 on the 380 for power ;)

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Oh boy in the real world the 747-8 is faster but who knows-Maybe the A380 will win.

I want to say this is an A versus B battle but that would take the fun out of it so I’ll say it’s the battle of the VLAs!

Long live the DC-9!


Flying big wings like fast jets… Yeah baby!

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The “Singapore Sling” Out and return to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur, including touch and go at WSSS, total flight time 36 min. Generic B747-200

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It’s an experiment. I tried to make it as simple as possible, but that may have been a mistake. Had some technical difficulties that caused some event details to be off target. Still was fun flying a 747-8iF at Mach 1.32. I’ll fly again throughout the days event time.

A little of both I think. ;) lol. Glad to see you back. Cheers.

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How do u do 800 knots on the 747 without bouncing up and down?

Don’t use AP

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You won’t be able to use auto pilot at these abnormal speeds. Gotta fly by hand.

Thanks David! I appreciate the kind words!

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