Turbulent Tuesday - Tomcat Takeover @ KPMD - 131800ZSEP16

Hey everyone!

Join us for this week’s Turbulent Tuesday Casual Server Event:
Tomcat Takeover

We head to SoCal for some Tomcat flying. Hop in a F-14 and test your skills whether flying through the mountains, doing patterns, or practice carrier landings. Which one will you do?

Be sure to share your pictures for a chance to have one shared on our Instagram page!

Event details:
• Casual Server ONLY
• Tuesday September 13, 2016
• Event Start Time - 18:00 ZULU (11:00AM PST)
• Event End Time - 09:00 ZULU (2:00 AM PST on September 14th)
• Region: SoCal
• Aircraft type: F-14
• Starting location: Any

Hope to see everyone there!

*A valid Live subscription is needed.


10-4! See you in the skies!


Good luck with this event!! Take to the skies

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Please could you change the time every other week. I am at boarding school and we have lesson till 18:00 Zulu then prep and then our phones and tablets are taken in. In the mornkng we have more lessons. No time to fly. Could you at least consider it


Looks fun!

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Looks great and fun 😊

OK I know this kinda sounds far fetched but it says practice carrier landings… where is the carrier?

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Carrier markings are on several different runways at different fields. This is what is meant by “practice” carrier landings.

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@Mark_Denton. Could you give an example of an airport with these markings

Thatd be so cool to know which fields these are at

As a parent of a child at boarding school I’d just like to say that I fully support keeping the times as they are. ;-)

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I’ll try to make it, if anyone sees me (callsign N787SC) then feel free to fly formation with me.

Why do you say that?

Because I’m a grumpy old git and think that you lot should be concentrating on prep and not playing games on the internets. #slavedriver ;-)

KNKX, Miramar MCAS. Near KSAN.

Note that you won’t be able to pull off a fighter landing because IRL they have cables to arrest the speed from landing:

If you think you can keep up with me, come join me at KPMD on the Casual Server. Annnnnnnd…GO

Thanks for the chase @Mark_Denton!

Knkx on 24L has a simulated carrier for training.


Chasing you and Joe though the mountains, good fun :)