Turbulent Tuesday - Singapore Sprint @ WSSS - 291800ZAUG17

Hey everyone!

Join us for this week’s Turbulent Tuesday Casual Server Event:
Singapore Sprint

We move on to the Singapore region for some “high speed” action. Spawn at WSSS, race to WMKK and do a touch and go, then race back to WSSS. Come out in ANY airliner aircraft you want to fly. Who will be the fastest this week?

Be sure to share your pictures for a chance to have one shared on our Instagram page!

Event details:
• Casual Server ONLY
• Tuesday Aug 29, 2017
• Event Start Time - 18:00 ZULU (11:00AM PDT)
• Event End Time - 9:00 ZULU (2:00 AM PDT on Aug 30th)
• Region: Singapore
• Aircraft type: Any Airliner
• Starting location: WSSS
Hope to see everyone there!

*A valid Live subscription is needed.


Great idea for an events, I’m sure we’ll see many people breaking the 350KIAS Overspeed limit. And also one where its really easy to follow the rules of which plane to use. Thanks Mark


Did someone say inverted 787 at 800 knots? I’m in


@Insertusernamehere you’re always upside down lol


I’ll upload some pics.
My Instagram For The Pics Is @loganislogan13

Done it in 47 minutes. My 737 feels abused.

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Ok, anyone wanna fly? I’m at WSSS if someone wants to join in.


Is that a serious question? SMH


Ohh, I thought this event had finished.

EDIT: just seen it finishes at 21:00Z

Do you mind if I escort you there? Flight of 2 maybe?

Never mind I see your headed out of the region :)

Never mind I see your headed back. Nice idea of taking up the altitude

This is an airliner only event. No escorting needed or required. Plus thats cheating.

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Sorry. You don’t mind if I just trail behind you ?

I’d suggest jumping in airliner and having some fun yourself :)


Ok. I will, I’ll wait for mark to do his t&g And jump in one

The picture (as always) looks amazing. I wish i could attent. Ill try my best

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Had a good time. I was going 630 ground speed 5NM out from WSSS so I knew I was in for trouble. I landed at about 320 KIAS and I was like "I made it!!’ But then I spun out and ended on the taxiway. @Mark_Denton I still don’t know how you got up to 1000 ground speed in a 787 LOL