Turbulent Tuesday - Seriously Low Flying Cirrus @ YORG - 211800ZMAR17

Wow, thanks! This spontaneous flight was absolutely fantastic! I didn’t even knew Kyle was on the forum and just realised you were the other one. Had a lot of fun tonight - thanks again! @Gavrilo @Kyle.r24


When your Live subscription expires and there’s finally an event in the region you come from😤 ;)

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@Gavrilo @Adrien Wrong Kyle 😂 I’m Kyle Ryan

Upps, sorry about that… I saw @Gavrilo’s post and believed he knew him. Anyone knows Kyle Reed here? I just want to thank him for the fantastic flight. :)


Is that the interior of your ciruss? Mine looks really different

I agree, I didn’t get many shots since I was glued to my instruments lol

What does your a look like

He’s a ghost! Oh no!!

Just realised its because in screenshots you cant see the propeller

Wow Ben, way to get more likes than the actual event👍🏾

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Great Canyons in Sydney!


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