Turbulent Tuesday - San Francisco Conga

Turbulent Tuesday - August 11 Conga!

Welcome pilots to another Free Flight Server event where just about anything goes.

This weeks TT event is to gather with as many other pilots as you can and form an aerial “Conga” line. Just follow as close as you can and as best as you can in a single file line of aircraft. Start your own Conga line, or follow somebody else’s conga line. Merge with other lines to create a single massive line.

Get creative. Make an all propeller aircraft line, all fighters or airliners and specific airlines. Whatever you can think of. Feel free to coordinate here with friends. See below for recommended parameters such as altitude and speed.

Be sure to share your pictures.

Click the event “Join” button and your Facebook account will automatically convert to your accounts local time zone. Participate any time between the event start and end times, for as long as you want.

Event details:

•Free Flight Server ONLY

• Tuesday August 11 2015

• Event Start Time - 1800 ZULU (11:00 AM PDT)

• Event End Time - 0300 (Aug 12) ZULU (8:00PM PDT Aug11)

• Region: San Francisco

• Aircraft type: Pilot choice.

• Starting location: Pilot choice.

• Recommendations: Use aircraft with an auto pilot option. Hold an altitude under 10,000 feet. Hold speed around 200 knots. These suggestions will help reduce climb times and boundary turns making it easier to join and maintain the line. The Conga line leader determines these parameters. Follow or start your own.

*A valid Live subscription is needed.

**Take screen shots! Post your best shots. Pictures must NOT show any names, user interface buttons including no HUD etc. If a user screen shot from the event is a real eye popper, it might selected for a future Infinite Flight loading screen. Have fun and be creative with sharing your TT Event pictures.


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Should be there @rotate !

I would like to Join. Altough not for long since I’ve School Tommorow (2400Z)

Will be there

I will be there!!

Cruising at FL100 with @DIsraelFDS

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hi, new to this, how do you join a server?

Waiting at Gate 10, In the IF liveried 777-200ER at KOAK :)

You can find information about Live here.

Catching up!

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Come find us i’m leading :)

You guys want to do a all F-22 Conga?

I’m most confident in a 777 so I dunno :|

My iPhone crashed as well :(

True, plus we have no A/P in F22’s

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Fly in the Aircraft you are most comfortable flying :) And make sure it has A/P haha

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I may of went a bit overspeed haha just killing off some then I will regroup

Yeah, you nearly broke off my right wing! :)