Turbulent Tuesday - Precision Landing @ 59CA - 031900ZJAN17

Hey everyone and Happy New Year!

Join us for this week’s Turbulent Tuesday Casual Server Event:
Precision Landing At 59CA

We head to Little Hands Airport (59CA) in the San Francisco region for some challenging approaches and landings in the Cessna 208. Whether the winds favor 18 or 36, it requires precise flying for approaches and even taking off. Are you up for the challenge?

Be sure to share your pictures for a chance to have one shared on our Instagram page!

Event details:
• Casual Server ONLY
• Tuesday January 3, 2017
• Event Start Time - 19:00 ZULU (11:00AM PST)
• Event End Time - 10:00 ZULU (2:00 AM PST on January 4th)
• Region: San Francisco
• Aircraft type: Cessna 208
• Starting location: 59CA
Hope to see everyone there!

*A valid Live subscription is needed.



Nice to see San Francisco getting some love.


Get ready for all the folks who didn’t read your thread and ask about something clearly stated in your thread. I’ll try and make it down and fly :)


I’m coming Mark!!

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Cheers Mark!

I will be there

Uh can I use my A380? What server is it on? When does it start. What time zone is Z? Can you out that in Rocky mountain time? What server again?


Happy New Year


[quote=“Rodney_Buckland, post:8, topic:89206, full:true”] What server again?

Casual Server

I’ll be coming!

Great i think i will be there with Cessna 208 or Dash-8 thanks mark for the Event .

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I swear. Ethier this forum is better at sarcasm than me or no body knows that it is


that C208 is such a delight to fly in my opinion. Will definitely be there in that DHL or Colombian Army Livery.

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I will ty and get there

I’ll be doing some practices now.

Practice flying. That will be a hard approach. The assault landing FNF would have been a good practice for that steep approach.

I will most likely come, this event looks challenging and fun.

It’s a 1300 ft…dirt airstrip… are you out of your mind…or maybe you are the type that chooses to not look before you leap…An A380 requires for normal operations at least a 7000 ft rwy…and l don’t see anything else bigger than a prop even attempting landing on it…here’s a hint… it is far harder to land there than WMBT…so enjoy the challenge…l think a helo would be the best choice… next to an AV-8B…

Lol does this surprise u at all.