Turbulent Tuesday - Military Madness @ SoCal - 311800ZMAY16

Well it is finally almost that time for our weekly Free Flight Server event to help us get past the menace that Monday’s bring.

This week’s Turbulent Tuesday is about honoring our military forces and show our support by flying your favorite military aircraft through the skies of SoCal. Will you practice carrier landings at KNKX in an F-14 or F/A-18, fly a C-17 from KSAN or KLAX to KNUC? Maybe even fly the F-16 or F-22 out of KEDW or KPMD? Hop in the aircraft of your choice and have some fun! See you in the skies!

Be sure to share your pictures and event results.

Event details:

• Free Flight Server ONLY

• Tuesday May 31, 2016
• Event Start Time - 18:00 ZULU (11:00AM PST)

• Event End Time - 09:00 ZULU (2:00 AM PST June 1st)

• Region: SoCal

• Aircraft type: Any

• Starting location: ANY

Post any screenshots here! See you in SoCal!

*A valid Live subscription is needed.


Yes it will be perfect for IFES and IFM! Thanks


What are IFES and IFM?


Infinite Flight Escort Services and Infinite Flight Military


Just remember to use the “Flight of…” for escorting…


Pretty Cool!

cool imma be there

Thanks mate :)

I’ll definitely be joining. Shall we go some dogfights going since we are lacking in long range missiles?

Hey everyone, its that time for today’s Turbulent Tuesday! Hope to see everyone there.

I’ll be there at 2:00 pm on the east coast of the US

I’ll be taking off from SAN in USAF 737 BBJ in about 5 mins if anyone cares to join me.

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I’ll join you!

Same! I will also be in a BBJ. Also when your landing be honest that you did or did not use the APPR. #ModeratorCheating Mark_Denton

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Had a great time with @Joe, @Tyler_Shelton, @FedoraPilot, and @Mark_Denton at KNUC.

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Don’t forget me!


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I can’t tell, does that top picture have me in it (N35XT)?

Yes it does

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That was a great event!

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