Turbulent Tuesday - Mach 1 Limbo

Welcome pilots to another Free Flight Server event where just about anything goes for 15 solid hours. Join and fly any time throughout.

This weeks Turbulent Tuesday fly low and fast as close to the ground as possible all the way from KSAN to KEDW. Just remember to to not over-speed at such low altitudes. If you do, your aircraft will become uncontrollable. Find the sweet spot just under the maximum tolerable speed for the thicker air near the ground. Pick any aircraft, but the jet fighters might be the most fun. Definitely the fastest.

Be sure to share your pictures.

Event details:

• Free Flight Server ONLY

• Tuesday December 29th

• Event Start Time - 19:00 ZULU 11:00AM PST (December 29th)

• Event End Time - 10:00 ZULU 2:00 AM PST (December 30th)

• Region: Southern California

• Aircraft type: Any

• Starting location: KSAN to KEDW

• Recommendations: Fly a jet fighter as close to the ground as you can, as fast as possible all the way.

*A valid Live subscription is needed.


Will be there for sure!

I did something similar with my friend and brother in solo: we raced from KEDW to KSAN in F-22s and went as low as possible. To win you had to smash into the runway at KSAN.

Looking forward to this!

I’m going to participate

So…does that include the A-10 or no?

Anything can be used

I know any aircraft can be used, but my question is: Is the A-10 classified as a fighter jet?

The event has ended??

Was there, did three different aircraft … F-16, F-22, F-14 … went back and forth between KSAN and KDEW at, depending on aircraft, 1.8m to 2.4m on low level runs - can’t remember which one but I saw 1400ias once - then with each aircraft I did a climb till you drop pops - highest I got was around 88000 feet - also did quote a few inverted flybys, was mucho fun!!

Thanks 😎

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It’s still going on…

I took part in the Tomcat. Just did KEDW - KSAN. Reached 1400 Knots fairly low by the ground.

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