Turbulent Tuesday June 16 Event - Mt. Rainier Tours

Turbulent Tuesday - Mount Rainier Tours

Welcome pilots to our 2nd new weekly Free Flight Server event where anything goes. Well almost anything.

This week’s Turbulent Tuesday event is a “Follow The Leader” tour through the Seattle region around Mount Rainier. 2 rounds are scheduled for those interested in a fun relaxed guided tour around the Pacific Northwest’s iconic and tallest mountain. Light aircraft should be used as speeds will be under 250 Knots.
We begin at KRNT Renton Muni, fly low due east through the foothills. Near Ranger Creek (21W) we then begin winding south keeping Mt. Rainier (always) on our right until reaching the area near Packwood (55S). Then we turn a bit west while keeping Mt. Rainier on our right making our way to a northerly heading towards our final destination of 1S0 Pierce County Thun. Fld. Lots of marked parking there.

In addition to the 2 scheduled rounds (see this events “About” section below for round times) there will be 2 other randomly timed tours in much faster aircraft flying more recklessly. Just find pilot D1ZY (DIsrael@FDS) and follow. Find, fly, follow, fast and low!
There will be some white knuckles.

Event details:

• Free Flight Server ONLY

• Tuesday June 16th 2015

• Event Round 1 Tour Start Time - 8:30 PM GMT

• Event Round 2 Tour Start Time - 12:30 AM GMT (June 17th)

• Region: Seattle/Portland

• 2 additional high speed tours will be performed at random times. One will between rounds, the last after the scheduled round 2.

• Aircraft type: For the scheduled rounds light aircraft are recommended, but not required.
• For the 2 randomly timed tours, anything goes.

*A valid Live subscription is needed.

If you need help or have a feature suggestion please visit our support and feedback

Take screen shots! Post your best shots, (pictures must NOT show any names, user interface buttons including no HUD etc. to qualify) in the event posting comments section and one may be selected for a future Infinite Flight loading screen. At the very least, have fun and be creative with sharing your TT Event pictures. *Photo selection may include future TT events as well, depending on quality and volume of submissions.


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Great! I’ll do my best to make it!

My callsign is FDS007. I will have a flight plan available for Round 1 of this event (08:30 GMT). You may choose to copy it or not, but remember that this will not be your primary source of navigation.

You will follow pilot D1ZY (DIsrael@FDS) and follow him. The flight plan is for you to look at it so you can get a view of what our general path will be.

Current conditions in the area (as of 07:30 GMT, 1 hour prior to commencement of Round 1): Winds blowing due South @5-10 kts.

KRNT (Class Charlie): Runway 34 in use. Asphalt, 5,604 X 200 ft.
1S0 (Class Echo): Runway 34 in use. Asphalt, 3,651 X 60 ft.

If the current conditions stand, we will most likely takeoff to the north, fly east, southeast, and then south towards Ranger Creek, 21W (keeping Mt. Rainier on our right). Continuing in a clockwise direction around Mt. Rainier, the likely route will take us to the west, then slowly turning towards the north to land on runway 34 at 1S0.

Happy flying and good luck!

That was fun. One tour down…3 to go.

I love seeing the photos from events. :)

My. Rainier looks very crappy along with other mounatins on Infinite Flight.
You have to experience Mt. Rainer for the air in Real life. Alaska Airlines has an approach to Seattle going straight past the mountain. I don’t know which other trips include this approach but Alaska Airlines Kansas City > Seattle on the 737-900 has it for sure!

I don’t think anyone’s every brought up a 4-month old TT post. Wow, the second ever TT event. I remember it like it was yesterday.

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