Turbulent Tuesday - General Aviation Prop Hop @ KSFO - 161800ZAUG16

Yes, it is.
C208, C172, Cirrus SR22 and Super Decathlon are GA aircraft.

Yes. The 208 can be used for corporate flying, freight hauling, or also owned by private owners and can be classified as a GA aircraft.


Okay. I’ll see if I can come.

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Thanks mark. And what time is the event in EST?

2pm EST. Guess I need to work on a tutorial on converting Zulu LOL


Maybe that could actually work.

Imagine if someone came to the event with a non-ga aircraft, lol.

Here is a UTC-EST time converter

1 AM for me… Luckily tomorrow is independence day and I have holiday, anyone care to guess what country?

Probably will be there


That was yesterday

Oh, where are you then?

Indonesia 🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨

About to fly for TT in 172 if anyone wants to join me. Spawning at PAO.


Here are mine! I hope you like them! 🙂😉

I’m @giacomolawrance on Instagram. 🙂👍

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I did a few short hop flights from KSFO-KOAK and back in a FedEx plane. Let me know if anyone saw me lol.

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I already get wierd looks at school when people ask what time it is and I accidentally say 1600Z. 😂


Sad, because I didn’t see to many GA aircraft, only big jets. 😭

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