Turbulent Tuesday - Fighters In Florida @ KMCF - 301800ZAUG16

So 9PM in UK time basically

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This sounds fun ;) Especially with those storms of the coast of Florida.


Will we have lightning strikes hitting the planes (I know we won’t be able to see them, but would they impact the plane’s movement)?

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What time it will be in Sweden thanks

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Sounds fun!

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So there are 2 hours and 10 minutes until this, right?

Thanks for the info, I’ll be able to come now

We should try to get a maximum of 5 globemasters to escort, just a suggestion

I think it’s in half an hour lol

Have to be only fighters was planning a presidential escort

@Mark_Denton event starting?

My alarm went off for this event, I checked at South florida and nobody is on

I meant fighters escorting the Glogemasters, hahah

Globemaster* 😂

I think it starts in like 25 minutes… Nobody on…

I have 1 month live subscription, what’s SoFlo?

Nvm it stands for south florida, I’m dumb :D

I’m at KMCF in F22 if anyone wants to join or if you can keep up.

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OK, meet you there now